Monday, June 22, 2009

Links, got your links here

Last week PW's Shelftalker blog ran this superb article on handselling and the fine art of "reading the customer" - this is a MUST READ for newbie booksellers and a pretty good refresher for those of us who've been in the trenches for a while, too...

Our very own Rich Rennicks of Malaprops in Asheville NC has two pieces of news: He's the brand-new Emerging Leaders council's rep from SIBA and he's working for our good friends at the very cool indie publisher Unbridled Books as their "Bookstore Liason." (Perhaps when it is Rich's turn to blog he can tell us what the heck that is, exactly!)

In case you've been looking for yet another reason to disdain the Kindle, Boing Boing tells us how the Kindle DRM is rearing its ugly head. "We found out the hard way that Amazon can revoke your Kindle's ability to read your ebooks aloud after you've bought them." You know, when you buy a paper book, it is really and truly yours to do what you like with... Just sayin'.

Looking for a way to spice up your sex life? The NYT book review invites you to enter (the mind of) octogenarian Gloria Vanderbilt, if you dare. "Mint, cayenne pepper and a fresh garden carrot are deployed in the book in ways never envisioned by “The Joy of Cooking.” And there is also a unicorn, though, blessedly, it remains a bystander."

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