Friday, July 3, 2009


OK this is gonna be a quickie.

Obviously in an indie bookstore, July 4th is a favorite holiday. Check out what bookstores around the country are doing to celebrate independents week. And while we're over at Indiebound, did you know that there is a 'social networking community' there, too? Sign up, friend your fave booksellers, make wish lists, and help the indiebound community by adding more indie businesses to their interactive map. Why yes, it IS yet another way to procrastinate. :-)

If you are in San Francisco next week, Thursday July 9 at 6pm join the all-cookbook bookstore Omnivore for their first annual Fried Chicken Taste-Off. $5 fee for eaters only, free for participants. And wine! Mmmmm...

What do Vladimir Nabokov, Margaret Atwood, John Irving, Dave Eggers, Hunter S. Thompson, E.L.Doctorow, Audrey Niffenegger, Richard Russo and pretty much every other famous writer living or dead have in common? If you answered "they have a new book coming out in Fall '09", you're right!

Something to look forward to. Now if you'll excuse me, the bbq calls...

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